WHO WANTS $2500 CASH! Submit your Mugshot today!

WHO WANTS $2500 CASH! Submit your Mugshot today!

WANT to win $2500 CASH?

It's that time of year again… The Mugshots Picture Contest! After September 5th we will put the pictures up on our website for everyone to vote for their favorite submitted Mugshot!



Here’s how to participate:

BRING YOUR MUGSHOTS SHIRT, CUP, OR KOOZIE ON YOUR NEXT ROAD TRIP OR VACATION. (Pick up these items at your local mugshots grill & bar)

In the beginning Mugshots was short on cash, but full of gratitude for our customers, family, and friends. We showed our love by decorating the walls with pictures of our supporters. Now it’s a tradition. Show us where you’ve been by submitting a picture with your Mugshots Gear!

below are some of the lucky folks who have ENDed UP ON OUR WALL!